The Old Fire Station was renovated by Syd & Marion in 2014. It had served as Dunvegan’s fire station from 1984 until 2006, when it was replaced by a larger facility.


The old fire station in 2009, before renovations began.

As you can see, the original building was small, and renovating it into a comfortable living space was a huge challenge and involved raising the roof!

Construction was undertaken by local builder Duncan Macgregor, who did most of the work himself, from building the roof to crafting the wooden kitchen units.

Creating a spacious atmosphere was important, and this has been achieved through the use of a mezzanine bedroom. The living area utilises the full height of the cottage, whilst the kitchen and bedroom are on two levels. A balcony in the bedroom area allows views of the wood burning stove.

Traditionally, houses on Skye are built with small windows, to keep out drafts and damp. It was a key concern that Fire Station Cottage be dry and easy to keep warm, however using modern materials meant that French doors could be fitted without compromising the insulated nature of the house. A chimney was attached to the outside of the cottage to allow for the installation of a wood burning stove in addition to electric heating.

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Dunvegan Fire Service

Dunvegan is immensely proud of it’s firefighters who have volunteered to help protect the village and surrounding area. Their fast response has saved countless lives over the past 50 years.

The fire station is normally staffed by up to 12 personnel, since 2005 they work on a retained duty system. The fire station houses the fire engine and is equipped to deal with all types of emergency including structural fires and road traffic collisions. The staff are trained in responding to these incidents and drill once a week.

As part of their work, staff are also heavily involved in community fire safety activities, which includes carrying out Home Fire Safety checks.

Dunvegan’s new fire station opened in 2006.

Dunvegan’s new fire station opened in 2006.

Dunvegan’s volunteer fire department was successfully established in 1966, and according to the Firemaster in the Annual Report (1966-67):

Following representations from the community a volunteer unit has been set up at Dunvegan and it is pleasing to report that an enthusiastic crew of 9 volunteers has been recruited. This unit is prepared to move outwith the village and will prove helpful to Portree, should the need arise, at incidents on the west side of the island.

Before renovation, Fire Station Cottage served as Dunvegan’s fire station from 1984 until 2006. when a new fire station was opened. It also contains equipment for the ambulance, which is washed in the new station weekly.

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Old Fire Station

Old Fire Station provides award-winning, 4 star, self-catering accommodation for two.

It is nestled within an established garden, in the heart of Dunvegan; overlooking the loch it faces the legendary MacLeod’s Tables.

Located near the heart of the village, it is minutes’ walk to a great evening out to complete your perfect day.


Old Fire Station

Portree Road, Dunvegan
Isle of Skye, IV55 8GT

Telephone: (01470) 521 212