The building served as Dunvegan’s original Fire Station, and was manned by volunteer firefighters until 2006. It was just large enough to house the community’s fire engine.

Renovating the Fire Station into a comfortable living space was a huge challenge and involved raising the roof.

Traditionally, houses on Skye are built with small windows to minimise drafts. We wanted the cottage to be comfortable, and by using modern materials we were able to create a light and airy home.

A spacious atmosphere was achieved via a mezzanine bedroom. The living area utilises the full height of the cottage, whilst the kitchen and bedroom are on two levels. A balcony in the bedroom area allows views of the wood burning stove.

Dunvegan’s new Fire Station

Dunvegan is immensely proud of it’s firefighters who work tirelessly to protect the village and surrounding area.

The fire station is normally staffed by up to 12 personnel, since 2005 they work on a retained duty system. The new fire station houses the fire engine and is equipped to deal with all types of emergency including structural fires and road traffic collisions. The staff are trained in responding to these incidents and drill once a week.